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The modelling of freight transport of the building product industry in Finland

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The aim of the study was to define the transport and logistics system of the building product industry in Finland. The main objectives to the study were the decision making process itself and the key factors in choice of transport mode, trade channel and location of a production plant. According to the developed framework, logit models were estimated for the separate choice phases.


Two different interviews were carried out.
The first interview concentrated on the description of the transport system of building product industry. The factors which most significantly affect the decisions were defined.
In the second part, data on normal inland road and rail transport was gathered. Also a stated preference (SP) test was carried out. In SP interviews two choice alternatives were presented. In each company, eight different pairs were shown. The interviews in the companies were undertaken using separately developed interview software.


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The results of the study are based on the interview of 28 persons. The starting point was that the decision-making consists of several separate decisional situations. The delivery or shipment is made by using the best means of transport. In the study two separate
choice phases were defined. These are the choice of mode of delivery and the choice of trade channel.

Based on the examinations it ended up that two different model systems were estimated. The more detailed models have been estimated for the usage of companies. The companies can utilise the estimated models in the evaluation of their own operation. The companies are able to test different alternatives and use the calculation system for choosing the best delivery channel and trade channel in each case. The more general models have been developed for the transport evaluation purposes.

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