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Modular high-performance battery systems in conjunction with safe rapid charging technology

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Background & Policy context

The use of battery systems for industrial applications, which require a high degree of performance and energy throughput, is currently often implemented with the help of high battery capacities and battery replacement concepts. This means that battery-powered vehicles do not yet appear as competitive as they could be compared to conventionally powered vehicles in economic terms. However, new high-performance batteries with lithium-ion technology are able to be charged at very high power, which opens up new applications.


The MoBat project is developing a modular high-performance battery system which should lead to scalability for various applications. In addition, it is to be shown that fast charging makes expensive and costly battery replacement concepts in industrial and public transport applications unnecessary which brings with it an economic advantage. The precondition for practical use is the provision of rapid charging systems, i. e. high-performance batteries with compatible charging technology.

The project will focus on optimizing the interaction of comparatively small, but particularly powerful lithium-ion batteries and efficient charging technology. This allows the advantages of using a quick charge strategy in high-performance applications, such as electric buses and other heavy-duty applications, to be worked out.


For application integration, it will be crucial whether permanent rapid charging will cause significant damage to the batteries or whether they will age. For this purpose, long-term investigations are carried out on individual cells as well as on battery modules to determine the degradation development of fast charge battery systems in order to obtain scientifically sound results. In order to increase safety, a sensor system that can be integrated into the battery is also to be developed which will enable an individual anomaly of a battery cell to be detected at an early stage so that it can be stopped in good time by means of an electronic
battery management system. This ensures that a burning of a cell is prevented in the worst case.


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