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System of monitoring bridge pillars and their environment


System of monitoring bridge pillars and their environment
Original Language Title: 
System monitoring podpór mostowych i ich otoczenia

Background & policy context: 

The project will be a new monitoring service bridge supports and their environment based on the measurement/flow of water and the amount of blur around the bottom of pillar.

Managers of bridges will be able to improve significantly the safety of operating facilities and to reduce maintenance costs.


The project aims to:

  • creation of a system for monitoring underwater pillars.
  • creation of a system of scanning topside of pillars

The study will be applied two methods of non-destructive testing: a study based on the emission of acoustic waves using sonar and research with the use of electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency spectrum using GPR.

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Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego
Key Results: 

In the framework of the project have been designed the monitoring systems in the underwater part of the pillars system and it has been enabled a scanning in the above water part of the pillars.

Then, using a system developed in the project, it has been carried out research involving the collection and analysis of data necessary for the operation of the designed systems.


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