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More sustainability for the road freight transport in conurbations

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NRP 54 - A13
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Background & Policy context

Within the framework of European research (BESTUFS BESTUFS and II, NICHES, FIDEUS, Smart Freight, etc.) the following aspects were highlighted: problems and need for action, data and statistics, modelling, quantification of effects, best practice on strategies and actions, planning recommendations. The results constitute an important input for the development of a planning manual freight transport in urban areas.

Within the above mentioned projects a BESTUFS Good Practice Guide on Urban Freight Transport 2007 was developed ( However, this excludes important aspects (eg spatial planning measures, site planning, organizational integration, data and tools, action plan preparation, etc.) and it is not designed for the Swiss conditions and characteristics (political decision-making processes, local conditions).

The VCD in Germany has published a guide urban freight transport in 2006. This includes the addition clues to problems and possible measures for action by various stakeholder groups. The guide, however, is geared to the circumstances of Germany.

Within the project "Sustainable goods supply and transports in urban areas" was the supply of goods and the -CONVEYORS examined in agglomerations derived key factors and sustainability indicators, an evaluation framework for action developed, elaborated and evaluated policies and strategies for a more sustainable supply of goods and transports, as well as an implementation plan developed. The results are documented in a scientific report (not public) and in numerous working papers and presentations.

The results of this project should be brought to a broad public. Simultaneously, the main findings of European projects in Switzerland are made more accessible and disseminated.

The form of a design manual and is particularly used for the following purposes:

  • Familiarizing those involved aspects of freight transport
  • Guidance on the procedure and content of a freight planning (processes, actors, instruments and methods involved, etc,)
  • Proposals for the organization and content of planning tasks for serving freight in administration
  • Preparation of Good Practice for Swiss agglomerations

The Planning Guide is thus an important element of implementation.
The accompanying Commission of NFP54 project confirmed at the meeting of September 2008, the need for a planning manual. The Swiss National Science Foundation supports the creation of


Based on the results of the project Sustainalble goods supply annd transport in conurbations a planning guideline for urban freight transport will be carried out and published. These planning guidelines have the following targets:

  • Rising awareness for freight issues in conurbations
  • Dissemination of findings and results of the basis project
  • Guideline for sustainable urban freight planning (principles, processes, methods and instruments)
  • Good Practice examples

Target audience for the planning guidelines are

  • Authorities on national level (ARE, ASTRA, BAV, BFS)
  • Cantons and communities
  • shippers
  • Logistics and transport service providers
  • Universities
  • Consultancies

The Planning handbook replaces the originally planned yellow UVEK/ASTRA report.


The project was developed in 4 work packages:

WP1: Verification of requirements for the manual
WP2: Consolidation of key issues for the manual
WP3: Preparation of texts and pictures for the manual
WP4: A meeting with the support group


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SNF - Swiss National Science Foundation
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National Science Foundation


Planning guide (Planungshandbuch) for freight transport.


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