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Multilayer inorganic/organic tribological coatings for space applications — SpaceCoat

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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)


Background & Policy context

The project goal is to design novel tribological coatings for metallic aerospace or aircraft components, based on dry lubricant coatings from materials with complementary-cumulated properties and with the structure of the following types: 

  • mono-layer with constant or gradual composition 
  • multi-layer with micrometric, nanometric or superlattice structure with polymer interlayer
  • obtained using the well-proven technologies (Magnetron Sputtering Deposition Method and Plasma Treatment Method) on one hand and opening the perspective of implementation the Open Atmosphere Cold Plasma Powder Deposition Method (OACPP-DM) as an economical and very new deposition method on the other hand.
  • O1. To evaluate the specific requirements of tribological coatings on movable components for space applications
  • O2. To optimize a deposition protocol of new tribological coatings: magnetron sputtering and plasma deposition techniques.
  • O3. To develop a new approach in tribological coatings using an alternative open atmosphere cold plasma powder deposition method.
  • O4. To undertake research studies on tribological coatings of movable components in laboratory conditions.
  • O5. To evaluate the possibilities of using the achieved knowledge for aerospace or aircraft movable devices.
  • O6. To disseminate the results by conference participations, articles in ISI quoted journals and patent applications.
  • O7. To develop institutional capabilities and human resource skills dedicated to applicative research and development of innovative technologies in Romania in the field of tribological coatings for space applications.
  • WP1 - Tribological coatings with nanostructured multilayers obtained by magnetron sputtering and plasma deposition technics
  • WP2 - Tribological coatings with nanostructured multilayers obtained by Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Powder Deposition
  • WP3 - Tribological coatings on mechanical components/devices in laboratory properties
  • WP4 - Management


Funding Source
Romanian Space Agency


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

By the results obtained in this research project the organizations involved will improve their expertise in designing, achievement and characterization of the Dry Lubricant Coatings  for friction couples with application in the aerospace field and finally will improve their competitiveness to participate at ESA Programmes.



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