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MULTIvariable Environmental Control System


MULTIvariable Environmental Control System

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The goal of this project is the development of a Multivariable Control System (MCS) by means of extended linearization techniques, based on a control-oriented thermodynamical modelling for the electric air conditioning pack. The focus will be on developing real-time capable low-order models. In a second step, these models will be calibrated using test results from the Topic Manager.

The subsequent MCS design will be performed in the Matlab/Simulink environment, in order to guarantee compatibility with the Topic Manager certification standards and processes. After successful simulation of the MCS implementation in Matlab/Simulink, an experimental validation of the MCS is aimed at the Topic Manager’s facilities. The different objectives of the MULTIECS project are itemized as follows:

  • Derivation of symbolic control-oriented models for the electrical air-conditioning.
  • Efficient parameter identification of the nonlinear dynamic models to be used in the MCS design, aiming for a small number of necessary test cases.
  • Development of the multivariable optimal control structure in the Matlab/Simulink taking advantage of the extended linearisation techniques, especially the SDRE design.
  • Assessment by simulations and experimental validation of the multivariable control system.
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European Commission
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Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya

Calle Jordi Girona 31
8034 Barcelona
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Universitaet Rostock

Universitaetsplatz 1
18051 Rostock
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