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National passenger transport model - Building web database and calculation of morning and evening peak hour traffic forecasts for 2030 (08028)

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Background & Policy context

Several conditions were established in the past for the national passenger transport model. Different parts of the model represent separate networks. It is needed to combine the different conditions into one network.


The individual model conditions of the forecast model should be revised or supplemented in 2030 for the future applications of the national transport model. For the average weekday traffic it is needed to recalculate the state 2030 considering the system roadmap ZEB1. The morning and evening peak hours as well as the hour matrices are needed to be recalculated and put together  for the conditions in 2030.


• A database will be created for the road network with an assortment of attributes for the different conditions of actual and forecast state.

• The corrections of the network from the WHO project will be provided and a master network will be created.

• The calculation, assignment and evaluation of the forecast state in 2030 taking into account the system roadmap ZEB1 will be provided.

• Calculating and apportioning the morning and evening peak hour for the prognosis of the condition in 2030. Hour matrices 2030 MIV and public transport will be a part of dynamic assignment model.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Master network was created, which also serves as the basis for the coupling with the MISTRA network.

Innovation aspects

A transport model was unified and actualised.

Policy implications

Results are implemented in the transport planning and forecasting.


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