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A National Transport Plan for better and safer daily travel

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A National Transport Plan for better and safer daily travel
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Background & Policy context

In 2016 Norway lost 136 of our citizens in accidents on Norwegian roads, which is the second lowest number of deaths in traffic since 1950. Regardless a single death in road traffic is one too many, and there is a continued need for a considerable effort if we are to pursue and continue this positive trend.


The ambition is to achieve the goal of reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries in road traffic to maximum 350 by 2030 is extremely ambitious, and premises that action and effort is taken by many others than just the civil road authorities. The breadth of work done in road traffic safety must be further extended, and not least the knowledge base must be extended and improved”, says the Minister of Transport.

This is the reason why it is proposed to use 1 064 billion NOK over the next 12 years on modernising the infrastructure and on the development of safer, more efficient and greener transport solutions.




A total of 66.4 billion NOK has been earmarked for urban environment agreements, urban growth schemes and incentive schemes in the nine largest urban areas. This includes 24 billion NOK for public transport, cycling and pedestrian initiatives for the national highways and 24.1 billion NOK for special subsidies to major public transport projects in the four largest urban areas.

These are subsidies where the State covers fifty percent of the cost of the following projects: The Fornebu Line in Oslo and Akershus, Metro Tunnel in Oslo, Bergen Light Rail to Fyllingsdalen in Bergen, Super Bus Phase 1 in Trondheim and the Bus Thoroughfare in North Jæren.

Approximately 1 billion NOK has been allocated to railway stations and railheads in the railway system. A total of 17.2 billion kroner in incentive funds has been allocated. The incentive arrangements for improvements to the public transport system are being phased out, but will be continued as part of the urban environment schemes and urban growth schemes.

The urban environment schemes and urban growth schemes and the incentive scheme will be the most important tools for encouraging more citizens to use public transport or cycle and go to the nine largest town and city areas. The overall goal of the schemes is to achieve zero growth in the use of private vehicles as a means of transport.

Urban environment schemes have been entered into between the State, the Municipality of Trondheim and Sør-Trøndelag County Council, and an agreement has been negotiated for an environment agreement for Oslo & Akershus. The agreement will be signed on it has passed through the relevant political process. Negotiations are ongoing for urban growth scheme agreements for Bergen and Nord-Jæren.


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Ministry of Transport and Communications


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EU Contribution
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