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NESS Dual Hybrid Systems – Cost-effective CO2 solutions to increased Vehicle Electrification and Efficiency

European Union
Geo-spatial type
Infrastructure Node
Total project cost
€2 855 226
EU Contribution
€1 998 658
Project Acronym
NESS – New Electrified Supercharging System
STRIA Roadmaps
Transport electrification (ELT)
Transport mode
Road icon
Transport policies
Transport sectors
Passenger transport,
Freight transport


Call for proposal
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Background & Policy context

Climate change has pushed many entities, including the EU, to consider greener transportation options. Electric or hybrid cars have seen much interest since this push. Since they must be produced from scratch and purchased by customers, they are an inefficient solution on their own. The EIC-funded NESS – New Electrified Supercharging System project offers a solution. It will develop a cost-efficient, effective, dual hybrid technology, which can be utilised as an add-on component to convert fossil fuel, petrol and diesel cars into hybrid electric vehicles. This solution would make greener car implementation more achievable, while reducing vehicle fuel consumption and emissions.


NESS is the most efficient and cost-effective dual hybrid (electric- fuel) solution and reduces 13-18% vehicles’ fuel consumption, CO2- and NOx emissions. It also converts fossil-fuelled gasoline- and diesel cars into Hybrid Electric Vehicles (H-EVs) ready for 100% climate neutral renewable fuels, such as e-fuels, H2 gas and 2nd gen biofuels. NESS converts both new- and existing cars as a plug n’ play retrofit product conversion.


It consists of an add-on component that goes attached to the engine’s alternator and turbocharger, forming a fully modular solution adaptable to all types of engine- and vehicle sizes. 
The savings are attained thanks to various functionalities that reduce the consumption of the vehicle in different ways depending on the drive mode the vehicle runs; exhaust gas energy recovery works at cruising, regenerative breaking when breaking, energy boosting functions at accelerating and stop & start functions when the vehicle is stationary.


Specific funding programme
HORIZON.3.1 - The European Innovation Council (EIC)
HORIZON.3.1.2 - The Accelerator
Other Programme
HORIZON-EIC-2021-ACCELERATORCHALLENGES-01-02 Green Deal innovations for the Economic Recovery


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
€1 998 658


Technology Theme
Electric road vehicles
Electric drivetrain for full and hybrid EVs
Development phase

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