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Network study of urban passenger transport

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Background & Policy context

The study is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Transport Systems Plan 2002.


The results support the decision making process that aim to determine the future transport system for the region.


The study began with the description of transport scenarios and the examination of goals/means of urban policy in the international literature. The policies and investments for Helsinki Metropolitan Area were then determined and assessed. Based on the analysis, three alternative packages of measures were studied to highlight the combined effects. The assessment was carried out using transport and land-use models available for the region. Based on the conclusions from the results, the recommendations for the principles in development and investment priorities were made.


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The study concludes that if the transport demand increases according to expected growth the resulting problems cannot be solved by a pure investment programme. Demand management through pricing measures was however found to be an effective tool to balance the supply and demand. A land use policy that supports the optimal distribution of the transport demand can alleviate the capacity problems of the transport networks and reduces the pressure for investments in infrastructure.

The results have shown that the development of the transport network should be focused on the orbital connections and concentrate on investments that support the development of the land use. Also a view of the stronger emphasis in the near future on park-and-ride and feeder connections to railway and metro stations has been given. Furthermore a recommendation of the enlargement of rail and metro networks especially for orbital connections has been made. For street and road networks the capacity of the orbital routes need to be expanded in addition to the development of the level of service in radial routes.

Policy implications

As further actions more detailed studies e.g. on the feasibility and impacts of pricing based policy concepts and on the integration of transport and land use policies have been proposed in addition to the regional terminal strategy.


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