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New concepts of use for individual mobility

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Background & Policy context

In recent years the terminology "using instead of owning" has gained a lot of popularity. But how common and sustainable is this apparently growing trend and how strong will it affect future mobility? What kinds are to be distinguished and what motivational backgrounds determine the decisions of users? Are shared vehicles used differently than cars in personal property? This research project investigates new concepts of use with focus on (motorized) individual mobility, particularly less property-related forms of use (car sharing), which are systematically considered at the theoretical and empirical level.


A first aim of this comprehensive approach is to collect and systematize the current state of knowledge in the field of low-property use of assets and services. This applies both to knowledge about underlying factors, motives and cognitive processes, and also to insight into effects and changes in daily mobility behaviour. A second aim of the project is to use a broad set of empirical data in order to analyse this phenomenon in the present mobility behaviour, to identify differences and distinctions and their backgrounds, to quantify different forms of use, and to identify specific characteristics and needs of users and user groups. From these findings, conclusions, opportunities and risks will be derived, which apply to providers of property-less individual mobility services.


The research of psychological and behavioural theoretical foundations is carried out across all industries. The analysis will however focus on supply and demand in the mobility area covering property-less forms of use of all modes of transport.


Funding Source
Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo)


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EU Contribution
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