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New generation of bogie for rail freight transport

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Freight railway transport becomes more and more discussed topic on national and also European level. On one side are freight railway transport benefits known – e. g. high surface and energetical effectivness, low greenhouse gas emissions), overleaf are railway carriers market share on product transfer low, as well as their economy. The mainroad towards bigger increase and also towards better environment and resources protection leads through innovative and costly railway wagon and bogie. Present limitations in design, new or existing design group integration and in using freight wagons must be crossed. Next effects for technology, operation and environment may be achieved with aditional research and centrepieces activities. For competitivness freight railway transport gradation, as well as for its successful and sustainable growth, 5L initiative openes needed space for innovative freight railway wagon development. 5L initiative is based on five growth factors – light – still – efficient – able to fulfill logistic needs – oriented on life-cycle costs. The goals and objectives to increase freight railway transport attractiveness and volume are grounded also in european commission in the form of White book for transport on the period 2050. For rail freight transport, including the use of freight wagons in Europe is for the future a crucial factor "low noise, weight, life cycle cost". Actual freight wagons there are no design solutions as yet, which are of commercial and technical point of view ready to use, possible to achieve all 5L aspects. The Aim of NG bogie project is to developa new generation bogie. The main principle is in headstock-free bogie structure with a completely new innovative elements leading to an improvement in driving technological properties called "track friendly bogie".


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