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New Means to Promote Pedestrian Traffic in Cities

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Background & Policy context

PROMPT is a joint European research effort funded by the European Commission under the Key Action “The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage” of its Fifth Framework Programme “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development”.


The general goal of the project is to promote non-motorized transport in cities with particular focus on pedestrian traffic. The aim of the project is to improve city living conditions and the quality of cities for pedestrians. The objective is to identify best practices as well as to develop new tools and generic solutions for problem identification, problem solving and implementation of proper measures. Further, the project disseminates the results effectively for various end-users.


The project begun with problem identification. Totally 22 case areas in six different countries (16 cities) were profoundly analysed for detecting problems hampering walking in them.

Through several selected case studies in all the six participating countries, the projects studies the conditions for pedestrians according to safety, accessibility, comfort, attractiveness and intermodality (walking linked with other modes of transportation). Further, it also studies the strategies and experiences of implementation of various measures to promote walking. However, it is crucial to consider how these issues work together. Thus, the project finally has an integrated approach for finding good comprehensive solutions.


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The project identified clusters of problems and families of solutions. It also identified various methods and tools to collect data, analyse and assess it.

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