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Next generation of Carrier Open SaaS for boosting e-Commerce economy


Next generation of Carrier Open SaaS for boosting e-Commerce economy

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Business Opportunity: within the e-commerce market - specially for SMEs, cross-border delivery is considered to be an obstacle by 57% of retailers, while 46.7% of consumers declare they worry about the delivery in cross-border transactions, specially due to the high prices of the process. This causes a high risk barrier between the buyer and customers and obstructing so businesses –specially SMEs - international expansion. Besides, the market is fragmented and carriers have developed their own technological solutions obliging SMEs to be locked in to one single shipper company.


CANGOPAL added value: is an innovative technology that offers an open solution capable to provide an integrated parcel delivery to foster growth of the e-commerce SMEs in Europe. It enables e-commerce growth by providing easy access to any SME to carriers and good rates through a a single hub of carriers with an easy integration (based on APIs) to access to all of the available carriers in the platform. In other works: one integration to use them all instead of one integration for each carrier.


Phase 1 objective is to accelerate the market adoption and international penetration of CANGOPAL focus on preparing ourselves for the commercialization of at the international level (including route-to-market, marketing strategy, growth strategy, etc.) by evolving the product from TRL7 to TRL9 stage

Impact : As a result of this project, CANGOPAL will grow considerably, generating 65 new qualified jobs by five years after the project ending and generating cumulative incomes of 43,8M€ and a EBITDA of 30,6M€ approx.

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European Commission
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