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NG Technologies and Innovation for Maritime Transport

GAINN 4 Ship Innovation

NG Technologies and Innovation for Maritime Transport


The Action aimed at proving the feasibility for retrofitting a high speed craft (HSC) ro-pax vessel so that it would run on a mix of 75% Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and 25% diesel. 

The Action supported the definition of environmental indicators for LNG retrofitted vessels, the definition of bunkering technical solutions, the control of methane emission release in the atmosphere for the LNG retrofitted vessels and the selection of shipyards where the LNG prototype vessel would be retrofitted. An impact evaluation was developed in order to show the potential effects of standard implementation of the pilot in terms of energy consumption reduction and greenhouse gas and sulphur emissions.

The roll-out strategy for the commercialisation of the piloted technologies was defined and business plans for the commercialisation of these technical and technological solutions were elaborated.

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The feasibility was proven through the retrofitting of a sister engine that was certified by the classification society. However the engines of the HSC ro-pax vessel were not retrofitted, as the beneficiaries decided not to implement further the Action, since no LNG is available in the Canary Islands.

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Fundación De La Comunidad Valenciana Para Investigación, Promoción Y Estudios Comerciales De Valenciaport

Avenida Mulle del Turia s/n
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Autoridad Portuaria De Valencia

Avda Muelle Del Turia S/n
46024 Valencia
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