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Novel Continuous Descent Simulation Test Support

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€249 497
EU Contribution
€187 121
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STRIA Roadmaps
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Call for proposal
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  • Provision of Senior Flight Crew (Test and Certification Pilots) for HMI prototyping sessions in Flight Simulators acting as Project Pilot
  • Development of Flight Procedures, definition and selection of scenarios for simulator experiments
  • Advice on improvements of Multi Parameter Guidance with Time and Energy Managed Operations from a Flight Operations perspective
  • Select and schedule flight crews for the simulator experiments including production of Pilot Briefing Guides
  • Providing Analyses from an Flight Operations perspective in collaboration with the Technical team


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
Institution Name
European Commission
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Specific funding programme
JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
Other Programme
JTI-CS-2011-1-SGO-03-011 Flight operations for novel Continous Descent Operations


Executive Summary:

The project has completed its objectives as set out in the Annex I of the Grant Agreement in terms carrying out design support, test shake downs and hosting visiting crews including supervision during the execution of the human in the loop (HITL) simulations as well as post simulations observations, analyses and recommendations.

Support was given to NLR in the design of the multi parameter guidance with time and energy managed (MPG-TEMO) algorithm, the associated human machine interface (HMI) and the simulator and the setup / validation design for the trials.

The project team completed the actions of giving advice on improvements of the MPG-TEMO functions from flight operations perspective; and advice on improvements of the HMI from flight operations perspective.

The team also in close collaboration with NLR and Technical University of Delft (TUD) carried out the development of cockpit procedures for continuous descent operations with MPG-TEMO that were a prerequisite for the HITL simulations. NOCONDES also completed the experimental design definition and selection of scenarios for the simulator experiment and the development of a pilot briefing guide.

The simulation sessions with external airline pilots were run successfully with NLR/TUD technical staff and operationally supervised by NOCONDES project pilots. In total, 9 subject (airline) pilots flew 108 successful simulation runs.

The subject pilots all accepted the MPG-TEMO concept and procedures and provided valuable feedback on the simulator, the procedures, the HMI's and concept at trial to the research and development team.

The NOCONDES partners analysed the simulation observations and pilot questionnaire responses deriving a general and subjective conclusion and recommendations for improvements on the MPG-TEMO function and project setup. The NOCONDES consortium analysis was made from a flight operations perspective in close cooperation with MPG-TEMO developers' team.

It was concluded that time and energy management managed operations is the way to go and it has a large possibility of automation. It was also reflected that even with a great developed FMS algorithm, the quality of the input such as wind profile is crucial to time navigation.


Lead Organisation
Avtech Sweden Ab
Lönnvägen 2, 18443 Åkersberga, Sweden
EU Contribution
€80 847
Partner Organisations
Certiflyer Bv
Herenweg 100, 2465 AH Rijnsaterwoude, Netherlands
EU Contribution
€53 137
Use2Aces Bv
Houtsnip 2, 1902 KK Castricum, Netherlands
EU Contribution
€53 137


Technology Theme
Aircraft operations and safety
Aircraft simulator technology
Development phase

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