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Online simulation of passengers' flows in airport building

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Passenger flows can be simulated during the solution of airport operation planning tasks (in online mode) and in the process of its operation with the aim of efficient management of passenger flows (in online mode). In both cases the main task is the determination of the areas where dangerous gatherings of passengers can occur. A significant task is also a determination of the expected delay time of departing passengers in view of a real situation in the airport areas.


The objects of simulation are passenger flows in the building of a large airport. All
real categories of passengers taken into account may be situated in certain areas of the airport building: departing and arriving passengers, passengers of Schengen and non-Schengen area, transit passengers etc.

The controlled areas are assigned in view of geometry of separate premises of the airport and their functional destinations. Waiting halls, departure registration halls, passport control and security control areas, ways of passage, staircases, escalators, elevators etc. refer to them.

In the picture the principle of application of the simulation modelling in online mode for short-time (an hour ahead) forecasting of the process development in the airport areas is shown With help of the model not only the appearing of dangerous situations is predicted but also the activities  for the prevention of such situations are tested. The quick-performed models are created on the basis of a special mesoscopic approach for passenger flows simulation.


Funding Source
Transport and Telecommunication Institute


Main numerical results of simulation present graphs of changes of passengers numbers in the airport areas (see the report enclosed). On the basis of these graphs solutions about the realisation of measures for ensuring of passenger flows security.


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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