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Operations Network of Knowledge

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Background & Policy context

This project is based on the assumption that the wide array of activities in the Rail Operation Sector creates a need for a permanent and active team of experts in this domain. As in other sectors of the Infrastructure Forum (track, structure, signalling, telecommunications) there already exists such focused experts groups.


The objective of the Operations Network of Knowledge is to create a permanent and interactive platform of operations’ experts.


Using the new communications facilities, such as internet, a virtual platform has been created. This network is operated remotely and is active permanently using a dedicated page of the UIC website. Face to face meetings are organised on demand.


Parent Programmes
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Non-profit organisation
Institution Name
UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
Type of funding


These are results of the platform activities:

  • Harmonisation of regulations
  • Efficient direction of infrastructure administrations
  • Optimisation of line capacity in relation to costs
  • Selection of cost beneficial projects to support these objectives
  • Traffic control techniques
  • Punctuality issues
  • Evaluation and proposal for new projects and activities,
  • Submission of proposals to the Steering Groups and Steering Committees for any projects with special budget that might be required;
  • Review and update of the state of knowledge in their areas of sector’s responsibility,
  • Strategic direction through insightful analysis of current and future trends,
  • Railways’ experiences with new technology and the implementation of previous projects’ results,
  • Expertise in the operation domain
  • Advice on matters raised by other UIC bodies or external bodies,
  • Proposals for the creation of new leaflets or the updating of existing leaflets.


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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