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Optimisation models applied to the robust planning and management of Metropolitan Public Transport services in cases of emergency

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Background & Policy context

Robust planning of metropolitan public transport services is oriented to find out the mechanisms to minimise consequences of the global delay of users in case of possible incidence/accident. This objective must be considered within the framework of a hierarchical multimodal network. The transport user could change, occasionally to another transport service, managed by the same or another operator. Operators should take care of the quality of service, acting in a co-ordinated way.

Models and optimisation methods are useful for the prevention of perturbation effects.

Failures in stations and in sections of public transport lines could cause disruptions to the whole system, as well as the associated management of the incident/emergency situations.


The objective of this research project was to study optimisation models applied to robust planning and metropolitan services management of the public transportation in case of emergency.

The global objective within this project was to develop oriented research to cover different specific objectives. It combines the potential utility for the developed theoretical model in the academic scope (university interest) with the experience in the resolution of incidences and accidents (operators interest). They are present in the normal performance of the metropolitan transport global system.


A double classification of models, a) based in the temporal scope of the planning (short, medium and large scope) and b) based in the immediacy of the decision making process (on-line and off-line), allows identification of a series of specific objectives articulated in the methodological scheme for the assessment in the decision making of strategic, tactic and operative nature.

The following points develop this methodological scheme:

  • Development of methodologies for the evaluation of the public transport multimodal systems for emergencies.
  • Formulation of models and methods for the design of robust networks for emergencies.
  • Robust planning of the network of public transport service.
  • Planning of route and multimodal lines in case of emergencies.
  • Generation of models for the determination of schedules of trains and other on-line resources.
  • Operative planning within a multimodal context of punctual situations as a consequence of incidences and emergencies.
  • Model fitting, data specification and validation of results and former objectives.


Parent Programmes
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CEDEX (Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas)1; part of the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructures
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Public (national/regional/local)


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