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Optimisation of planning of cycling infrastructure (MSM6840770043)

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Background & Policy context

The cycling infrastructure is still uderdeveloped in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, there does not exist ony central database or another source of information about cycling, as it is under authority of cities. The project tries to collect the local data, analyze them and bring suggestion for further development and support of cycling in the Czech Republic.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • to analyse development of cyckling infrastructure in Czech towns;
  • to suggest and discuss recommendations for optimal design elements of cyclist paths in order to improve user safety;
  • to set principles for locating cyclist lanes in traffic space on local road communications.

This interdisciplinary research project is based on theoretical analyses, experimental modelling, numerical simulation, and fieldwork measurements. The objective is gaining knowledge about the researched phenomena, their proper interpretation, formulation of mathematical models including their numerical formulation and verification by means of experiment.


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Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences
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Public (national/regional/local)
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Under the project, the following outputs were developed:

  • Calculation of the actual share of bicycling on modal split (including partial results in individual districts and larger towns);
  • Evaluation of the influence of the length of journey on the use of transport modes and formulation of recommendations for planning investments and  modelling of cycle tracks;
  • Database of cycle tracks built in the Czech Republic, and their classification according to their types and locations within the transportation infrastructure;
  • Infrastructure conditions analysis with regard to bicycling, as well as the best solutions for the cycle track infrastructure, and the proposal for the optimum solution of financing bicycling in connection with the entry of the Czech Republic into the EU.


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