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Optimising profiled road markings with rumble strips for improving road safety

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The project aim is to verify the technology of special road markings in real conditions and to define specific parametres of such a marking including monitoring changes of selected parametres in time. Road marking is one of the most important traffic-safety features on the road. Proper road marking, line marking in particular, helps to prevent traffic accidents, which can be seen as active measures in relation to road safety, which is the opposite of passive safety measures, such as road restraint systems, crash cushions, which does not prevent traffic accidents, only reduce their consequences and are much more costly. When applying a special road marking technology with improved optical properties and acoustic and vibration effects, the price of the marking does not increase dramatically. Nevertheless, such markings not only ensure good visibility, especially during bad weather conditions, but achieve also so called 'sensory perception' when crossing such markings. Using long-life materials for application of such markings will also ensure a longer functional life and their easier revitalisation for increasing the efficiency of its use. Another goal is to incorporate its results into existing regulatory system in this field, including change in the minimal required values of retroreflection, and use of special well-defined road markings with proven acoustic and vibration effects, especially on higher accident rate road sections, major roads with higher traffic volumes, etc. Improved road markings with better optical and warning functions will result in improved driving comfort. Results of the Project will be further used during negotiations at international meetings of ERF, CEN/TC226 and also for the formulation of Czech positions for meetings of CEN/TC226/WG2 focused at the area of road markings. This group deals with the creation of ENs in the field, the challenges facing the harmonised standard EN1871 and revises for EN1436.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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