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Outward facing research managing travel demand

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Background & Policy context

The objective of this project is to investigate several different aspects of managing demand for travel and to produce recommendations which will contribute to the Government's objectives of reducing dependence on car travel and making better use of the existing road network.


This project comprises the following sub-projects:


- The Usefulness of Green Travel Plans within the Highways Agency's Development Control Role

The objective of the sub-project is to evaluate the effectiveness of green travel plans as a tool for managing traffic flows related to developments affecting the trunk road.


- Diversion Effects Due to Travel Demand Management Measures

Traffic management measures on the trunk road network can have significant implications for local roads and local movements. The aim of this sub-project is to investigate the diversion that would occur under a range of trunk road traffic management measures. 


- Effects of Local Demand Management on the Trunk Road Network

Traffic management measures adopted on the local road network in urban areas can affect access to and from the trunk road network. The aim of this sub-project is to investigate the diversion that would occur under a range of local road traffic management measures. 


- The Importance of Journey Time Reliability

This sub-project is aimed at establishing the importance travellers place on journey time reliability when making travel choices involving journeys that use the trunk road and motorway network. 


- Consequences of No Hard Shoulder

The objective of the sub-project is to consider the range of alternative uses for hard shoulders and to estimate the benefits and disbenefits to those affected on operational, safety, and economic grounds. 


- Travel Behaviour in Narrow Running Lanes Using a Driver Simulator

The objective of the sub-project is the evaluation of the behaviour of car drivers in narrow running lanes in motorway conditions. 


- Traffic Calming on Trunk Roads

The objective of the sub-project is to advise on appropriate traffic calming measures for use on English trunk roads. It will include a review of the various systems currently in use in the UK and internationally and will evaluate the appropriateness of such systems for use on trunk roads. 


- Before and After Studies of Pilot Demand Management Schemes


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