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PAN-LNG Project

PAN-LNG Project


The Action aims at fostering the use of LNG/LCNG across Europe and the development of a mid to long-term strategy for the use of natural and biogas in the road transportation in Hungary. To deliver on its objectives, the Action includes studies, works and pilot deployment for:

  • five LNG/LCNG filling stations to deliver LNG as a replacement for diesel for heavy duty vehicles (HDV) and
  • small scale pilot liquefaction plant, to develop the most advanced long-term solution for the LNG supply, based on fossil gas wells and on biogas sources.

The Action also includes:

  • an analysis focusing on the alternative fuelling infrastructure demand, the sources and technologies of the LNG distribution, and finally the economics and the legal aspects for promoting the LNG and CNG, and
  • the development of the national legislation on LNG and a business plan for its commercialisation in the road transport sector.

The Action's results will contribute to the Hungarian roadmap required by the 2014/94/EC directive.

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Magyar Gazuzemu Kozlekedes Klaszter Egyesulet

Petőfi Sándor U. 11. Iv,
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