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The study contains a compilation of parking fees and norms in Stockholm and five other European cities: Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main


Most cities have clear zones or tariff areas where the price depends on the area’s distance to the city centre. Oslo has the highest fee (NOK 56 per hour), followed by Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Helsinki and finally Frankfurt am Main. Oslo is the only city with dynamic tariffs which increases with the parking time. Oslo also stands out as the city with the lowest fees for residential parking. Stockholm has the highest with SEK 13 200 per year. Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki have uniform fees for residential parking within the cities. Stockholm and Oslo do not allow for residential parking in the most central areas (centrum in Oslo and tariff area 1 in Stockholm). Frankfurt am Main is characterised by their focus on parking in car parks owned by a publicly owned company. Compared with the other cities, information on parking policies is more scarce in Frankfurt am Main.


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