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Parking Management Monitoring and Pricing System

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Having regard to the demands of clients (car-users) and operators (city administrations) and the technical options (GPS) a prototype (incl. hardware and software) for a “Parking Management, Monitoring and Pricing System” (PAMMOS) will be developed. PAMMOS is able to manage parked vehicles along public streets and park & ride facilities including accounting, enforcement of parking regimentation and detection of current supply situation.


Based on a detailed definition of the product specification from the clients and operators point of view (AP1) and the technical options (AP2), a “Parking Management, Monitoring and Pricing System” (PAMMOS) will be developed, which automatically or partly automatically supports the management of parked vehicles along public streets and park & ride facilities. This includes the automatic accounting for the client with an on board unit, supporting enforcement with a portable control unit and the ability to detect and crossing up the current supply situation as input for transport management systems, transport guidance systems on city level or individual navigation systems for clients. The implementation of such a system will use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to be able to localise the parked vehicle and determine the duration of stay. A specific characteristic of the proposed system is the independency of hardware infrastructure below the street surface (e. g. sensors for vehicle detection). By comparing these data with the actual parking fee regimentation, these fees can be accounted automatically and cashless with the client. For such a prototype within this project all necessary hardware (AP3) and software (AP4) will be developed followed by a function test (AP5) and an evaluation (AP6).


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Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)
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PAMMOS is able to significantly reduce the costs for city administrations requested by the needs of enforcement of the regimentations for parked vehicles, the infrastructure (parking meters) and the management of public parking places (make the tariff system more flexible).

Additionally the system can be embedded in navigation systems (navigation to areas with sufficient parking supply or proposing inter modal alternatives and automatic accounting of parking fees). PAMMOS is able to include parking places free of costs for the users as well (detection of load factor or monitor a maximum duration of stay). Different types of vehicles can be distinguished and considered, when calculate the parking fee (e.g. residential parking and visitors parking with different fees, parking in areas for delivery traffic).

Letter of interest filled in by the Österreichischer Städtebund (association of Austrian cities) and the city of Graz and the active partnership of the city of Eisenstadt within the project are proving the need of such a system, especially if this system is able to reduce the costs for city administration for the matter of public parking.

The PAMMOS project received the List Promotion Award 2011:


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