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Pavement condition analysis (VSS1999/120)

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The scope of the research is the development of a concept for defining indices for pavement condition to be used in a damage analysis and in the selection of maintenance treatments.


According to the detailed additional scopes and requirements for the research work, the
deliverables of the final report should include the following partial tasks and proposals:

  • Literature survey on the situation in Switzerland and abroad,
  • Development of proposals for individual indices including trigger values,
  • Development of proposals for composite indices ( a "global index" is only one of different possibilities to define a composite index calculated from different variables) including trigger values,
  • Development of proposals for data aggregation,
  • Presentation of different methods for condition surveys.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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A key part of the research was a detailed investigation on the needs and the use of condition indices within the management of pavement maintenance, where different and independent "tasks" have been identified for individual and for composite indices.

Following this investigation the required proposals have been developed or else explications could be given why certain intentions could not be realised under the given boundary conditions (for instance trigger values for composite indices).

The result of the work, in particular the list of the proposed individual and composite indices, relies to a large extent on the methodology applied so far. The actual survey work, i.e. the collection and measurement of raw data, is not affected by the results of the research. The proposals which have been developed – and which lead to certain differences in the methods applied so far – are related exclusively to the post-processing and evaluation of raw data. This allows to maintain the validity of all the data which had previously been collected with sometimes great effort. Proposals from the research work also rely on the technical specifications of VSS and on the proposed approach for data aggregation developed in PMS project for the Cantons of Neuchâtel and Valais.


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