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Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track



Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track
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Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track


PIVOT takes the Roll2Rail Lighthouse project and addresses mechanical systems within rail vehicles: Carbodies, Running Gear, Brakes, Entry Systems and Interiors including the Cab. With seven technical WPs, it uses a system engineering approach, giving innovations tangible context considering real interface constraints. It includes specific, trackable, relevant, achievable and motivating quick wins which focus attention and drive home innovation.

  • WP1 explores the materials, joining techniques and manufacturing for innovative carbodies. It seeks to develop a risk assessed demonstrator specification.
  • WP2 develops conceptual carbody components for alternative materials. It includes structural/non-structural assessments, FMECA and a sustainability assessment of facets like reparability and recyclability.
  • WP3 focusses on smart solutions for running gear considering functions such as health monitoring and active suspension systems. These include new sensor system architecture and affordable hardware providing sufficient reliability and robustness.
  • WP4 addresses running gear performance more generally. It seeks to develop a common technical specification, to innovatively use both new and existing materials and to scope the authorisation demands arising.
  • WP5 progresses innovations such as electronics with high Safety Integrity Levels, eddy current brakes, new friction pairs, electro mechanical brake solutions and virtual certification.
  • WP6 covers entry systems with themes including gap fillers, door entry surveillance, solutions for Persons of Reduced Mobility and performance improvement through mass reduction, improved insulation and higher acoustic attenuation.
  • WP7 deals with modular interiors both for passenger spaces and cabs and aims to make vehicle reconfiguration easier. Topics include flexible systems for adjusting tables, seats, luggage racks and the general décor, and ‘plug and play’ systems within the driver’s cab.
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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Shift to rail
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Kompetenzzentrum - Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft M.b.h.

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