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Piattaforme logistiche integrate per lo sviluppo delle relazioni commerciali import - export nello spazio transfrontaliero

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The design theme is to optimize the system performance of the multimodal transport of goods through the creation of a new space for cross-border development to reduce barriers to trade and increase the accessibility of areas for the benefit of the generality of citizens which are reduced cost of goods.

The overall objective is to develop relations and trade, promote development, enhance the resources of the areas of cooperation through the rebalancing of trade flows Italy / Corsica. They identified two sectors of activity which are included in the design of logistics platforms: one concerns the conduct of activities aimed at knowledge of the network of services currently offered and simulation of environmental impacts and economic transformations in the logistics system designed lead, and the second involves the conducting entertainment activities and promotion of economic relations between enterprises, to develop the transport demand resulting in increased volumes of trade.

The continuity of activities after the end of the project is ensured by the development of trade relations and guaranteed by talks between Government, business and logistics for the definition of Service Level Agreements Volunteers (SLA), the implementation of tools information and procedures continuously fed through the acquisition of data in standardized formats to ensure interoperability (open source) and based on listening systematic and permanent needs of logistics operators and small businesses.


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2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)


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