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Pilot on Interoperable Systems for Tolling Applications

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Background & Policy context

The mission of this project is to demonstrate on the feasibility of implementing interoperable EFC systems along different toll highway facilities in several countries belonging to EU.

The inception and start up of PISTA project was done in an environment of heterogeneous non-interoperable EFC systems.

PISTA project followed the work developed and the results from other previous EC-supported EFC research projects (VITA, A1, CESARE, CARDME), as well as other initiatives (GSS) and has "filled the gap" of these initiatives during three years.

PISTA project was carried out in parallel to the final stages of the approval process of the European DSRC standards developed by the Work Group of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN TC278).


Project objectives are following :

  • define in detail an EFC system compliant of CEN DSRC standards and with interoperability concepts defined in previous European projects (VITA, MOVE-IT, CESARE I and II);
  • perform actual implementations of this interoperable EFC system in several European countries and test under real traffic conditions;
  • outline the migration to interoperability from existing EFC systems;
  • validate management models for the interoperable EFC system at European level;
  • identify the issues that might affect the interoperable EFC system implementation.

The PISTA project is divided into seven Work Packages. Work Packages WP3 and WP4 developed in 2003 provided the definition of the system, tested in 2004 during the demonstration stage (WP5 and WP6). The WP2 assessed and evaluated the results of the Pilot Tests.

Other Work Packages dealt with the Project management WP1 and the dissemination of the results WP7.


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European Comission, DG Information Society
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Public (EU)


Main project outcomes are following :

  • Technical Definitions on PISTA EFC Interoperability : System specifications, Transaction model and Security
  • PISTA EFC Equipment pre-qualification tests
  • Procedural and Contractual Interoperability aspects
  • Pilot Tests Definition and Implementation
  • Real and Simulated Users Test Transaction
  • System User Acceptance Surveys
  • Pilot Tests Transaction Analysis
  • User Acceptance Assessment

Technical Implications

  • PISTA system specifications are an update of CESARE -II specifications and include the current results of CEN TC-278 workgroup
  • In addition, two relevant CEN Standards (EN 12253 and EN13372) have been voted and approved in 2003


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