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Pilot-Study for the Evaluation of a Mobile Full-Size Accelerated Pavement Testing Equipment (ASTRA2004/018)

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Background & Policy context

Due to the fact that the existing circular test track of ETHZ on the area of EMPA has to be demolished and replaced, a general research and purchasing project EMPA/IGT 2004 has been established which includes a project to evaluate and test a new mobile full-scale accelerated surface testing equipment as a first step.


Evaluation and practical aptitude test a giant mobile pilot plant for accelerated traffic load simulation on road surfaces at a scale of 1: 1 to replace the breakable stationary concentricity conditioning ETHZ on the site in accordance with EMPA research and procurement concept.


The duration of the project is set at one year.  New mobile large experimental facility for accelerated traffic load simulation on road surfaces in Switzerland will be purchased. The project has the following milestones:

1. Milestone (2 months) Preparation of specifications

2. Milestone (2 months) Product screening and on-site inspection

Milestone 3 (2 months) completion of the planning and design of pilot tests

4. milestone (4 months) implementation of pilot projects

5. Milestone (2 months) Reporting


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The project has the following outputs: 

  • Evaluation and development of new surface concepts (reinforcements, cold floorings, composite surfaces) on practically built test tracks
  • Optimisation of existing surface concepts regarding lifecycle and multi-functionality (low noise and water-drain surfaces) under in-site conditions
  • Determination of the residual firmness of existing floorings in-site (reinforcements)
  • Climatic in-site comparison of lining concepts (Central Plateau, alpine, Ticino)
  • Direct comparison between in-site and laboratory
  • Validation of new dimensioning methods (AASHTO Design Guide 200X) in-site
  • Influence of water acting on durability and viability of deposits in practice
  • Stabilisation and efficiency of practical foundation layers
  • Influence of horizontal crash forces in-site
  • Optimisation of repairs sites on local roads
  • Viability of surfaces with a minimum thickness under accelerated conditions in practice
  • In-site behavior of covering with asphalt and concrete stone coverings
  • Traffic-related movements with concrete coverings (e.g. airfields) incl. development and optimisation of the appropriate repair measure effectiveness
  • Development of new surface sensors
  • Validation of the dimensioning of installations (pipes, channels, manhole cover) 

Innovation aspects

Validation of the surfaces

Policy implications

Better surfaces of the roads can ensure a higher road transport safety.


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EU Contribution


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