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Planning a tourist bicycle road network in the Körösök Valley

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The objective of the project is to build a connection between the settlements of Köröstarcsa, Mezőberény, Békés, Doboz, Békéscsaba, Gyula, Iermata Neagra, Zerind, Misca, Vanatori, Satu Nou. The 74,363 meter-long tourist bicycle road running along the tourist attractions of the area improves the competitiveness of the tourism branch and also it creates the condition for the environmental friendly accessibility and by increasing the tourist traffic across the border it creates an opportunity for cross-border cooperation.

The project completing the existing bicycle road network and correlating with the strategies of the involved settlements and two water directorates aims to create a network that becomes an active tourism product as a notable part of the development of the border region. In this project the permit, implementation and tender plans for a 74.4 km-long tourist bicycle road was elaborated.

The direct target group is the approx. 140,000 inhabitants of the involved region. The transport conditions of the beneficiaries may considerably improve in the settlement and between the settlements by the roads built according the plans. The indirect target groups of the project are the tourists arriving to the region for its spa, wellness, gastronomy and active tourism opportunities.


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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