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Port-Liner, "zero emission" ships for inland waterways.

Port-Liner, "zero emission" ships for inland waterways.


The Action is part of a Global Project aiming to promote the uptake of zero emission shipping based on electric propulsion, targeting inland waterway vessels. As first step, six inland waterway vessels for container transport, with full electrical propulsion, fed by batteries (1.6 MW) containerised in E-Powerboxes will be built and put into operation.

The Action includes preparatory tasks, final design, engineering and construction of "E-Powerboxes" and installation in in the newly built inland vessels. The "E-Powerboxes" will power the propulsion system of the vessels and will be swapped at port terminals for charging. For each ship, 2 sets of 4 "E-Powerboxes" will be deployed, for a total of 49 by the Action.

Once built, the Inland Waterways vessels will operate on key sections of 3 Core Network Corridors, serving the core ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Duisburg.

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Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
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E-Portliner Holding B.v.

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