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PORTs as a gateway for Access inner regions

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The project concerns the congestion of shipping systems because of bottlenecks at the access of urban ports, deepening:

  1. Infrastructural and intermodal criticality in interregional/local transportation networks.
  2. Economic influence and environmental impacts of shipping in the coastal metropolitan systems and their hinterland.
  3. Integration of urban/transport policies between the issues of motorways of the sea, the port management and land use planning.


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2007 - 2013 Programme MED


After setting preliminary organizational work during first year, partners have started the field work thanks to the elaboration and implementation of a common Methodology, for the three technical components, showing how to collect, analyze and process the collected data. The analysis issued from this data has enabled us to know the current situation of the studied Ports and sourranding territories and complete the of the Mediterranean Port System Report. Then, the work on developing future scenarios and how Mediterranean ports should face them through the Port Actions Plan is on going. Partners worked on the development of the Port Actions Plans according whith their respective governance frameworks.

Respecting the work on bill for a European RRegulation on SSS, EU and national sea transport regulations afecting the port and metropolitan areas has been carried out, with key stakeholders being involved in this task.

Latest project activities and outputs PORTA Consortium collected key data on economic, territorial, evironmental and transport issues under Component 3, and have stated a framework to operate the database completing the local reports. Partners are working on the definition of local Port Action Plans working on a Mediterranean strategy focused on the interactions between port, territory and cities, under an integrated approach and addressing specifically the challenges and opportunities related to accessibility. The objective is to show the future urban scenarios where the ports are likely going to be developed and offer solutions about how to face them, according whith the local governance conditions. Partners also have finished with EU and national sea transport analisys regulations and the bill proposal.


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