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Potential measures for fuel savings with heavy duty vehicles - towards the development of compulsory mitigation measures

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Background & Policy context

The increasing density of traffic in the road transport sector caused a steady increase in emissions from heavy trucks. In the mid-term, heavy trucks will be the main source of CO2 emissions in surface transport. Effective measures for fuel efficiency and CO2 savings in the sector are required to counter-act this development. Currently, the European Commission is preparing respective measures to limit CO2 emissions from heavy trucks. In preparation for legal community action, current research projects have proposed methodologies for CO2 enquiry and technical measures to reduce CO2 emission.


In front of this background this project seeks to contribute further knowledge to the technical basis for the introduction of CO2 limiting measures and to undergo a practical test for existing methods of CO2 enquiry. In the course of the study a concept shall be developed including the step by step introduction of concrete measures.


By a desktop study this project will first investigate, categorise and explain which measures are possible and how effective they may be in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 mitigation. Field tests will help setting up a methodology for monitoring the CO2 efficiency of heavy trucks with regard to real drive conditions. Finally, the project is about to develop an action plan how these measures can be supported by the national states within the EU.


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Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety; BMUB
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Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)


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