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Pre-Accession Maritime Strategy

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Background & Policy context

This Strategy derives from the Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of
Croatia, 1999. It is based on the maritime transport sector gap analysis relative to the EU legal and economic inheritance and takes into account the European Commission Opinion of Croatia's Application for Membership of the European Union in the field of Maritime transport (COM (2004) 257 final) as well as the Council Decision on the principles, priorities and conditions contained in the European Partnership with Croatia (COM (2004) 275 final). 


The primary aim of the Strategy is targeted to the process of modernisation and renewal of the passenger fleet with a view to promoting demographic and economic revival and development of Croatian islands while at the same time meeting the requirements of heavy traffic demand during the tourist season, as well as increasing ship safety and complying with relevant EU Directives concerning safety of navigation.

The objective is to promote a renewal of outdated vessels:

  • Based on the extended authorization granted to Port State Control inspectors, applying a more rigorous survey and inspection procedure while inspecting Croatian-flagged ship, both in Croatian ports and abroad;
  • Strict implementation of the requirements set out in the Maritime Safety Inspection Regulation (target date: continuously);
  • Perform additional hydrographical surveys and renew aids to navigation covering approaching routes to traffic separation schemes and other implemented routing measures (target date: start 2006, completion 2010);



Funding Source
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure


The Jadrolinija Passenger Fleet Development Programme for the period 2004-2008 is valued at € 139.6 million. The implementation of this programme will provide Jadrolinija, the leading passenger ship owner, with ten new ships, while at the same time 15 ships are to be laid up. This will reduce the average age of Jadrolinija’s ships from 28.1 to 19.0 years (lower than the European average) while at the same time increasing the owner’s total carrying capacity by 10%.

The Programme is entirely new-buildings oriented, except for one car-ferry (M/v Zadar, carrying capacity: 280 vehicles and 1,025 passengers) purchased in 2004 to operate on international services.


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