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Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites


Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites

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PSIDESC (Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites) will aim at bringing new methodologies and deployable toolkits for robust design of composite parts and structures with respect to tolerances and defects that are related to the manufacturing process.

The objective is to push acceptable means of compliance based on simulation capable of predicting the range of response that a part may have under uncertainty. Predictive virtual testing, including factors of variability coming from the manufacturing phase, will:

  • reduce the scrapping of parts (through virtual assessment)
  • reduce the need for full inspection of parts
  • enhance design and enable further weight savings with a better understanding of effect of variability on the behaviour and defect tolerance of different areas of a part
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European Commission
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Centre De Recherche En Aéronautique

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Societe Nationale De Construction Aerospatiale Sonaca Sa

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Msc Software Belgium

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