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Preventing Incident and Accident by Safer Ships on the Oceans

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The maritime sector has been subject to complex changes in terms of the vessels’ dimensions, use of the ICT tools available on the market, and the safety and security obligations monitoring the sector. The proposed Action aims at tackling the challenges and opportunities arising therefrom, by enhancing the efficiency, safety and security of on board and on shore operations.

The global project aims at achieving a modern and well developed maritime sector, with a well-trained and up-to-date work force that enables the sector to become greener, safer, and more efficient and sustainable. New technological developments will only push the sector forward as long as the human element is brought along.

This Motorways of the Sea Action addresses wider benefits by studying and testing effective ICT solutions but also by addressing the human element. It builds upon the results of previous EU supported initiatives. Of particular relevance in this sense are the conclusions of the TEN-T funded project Monalisa 2.0 (2012-EU-21007-S), under which two main activities focussed on the development of new technologies for safer ships and safer on-shore operations, followed by directed training for crews and port operators. Operational safety related-actions laid the need to improve cooperation amongst parties at land, sea and ship in order to face any kind of accidents and improving the crews and response teams’ performance and capabilities. This is specifically relevant for a LNG fuelled passenger ships. Picasso encompasses not only the study and test of effective ICT tools that can enhance safety and empower the human element of maritime transportation but it also provides better training to the crews, the operators and the ship-owners.

The Action contributes to the global framework of the EU maritime transport policy and to Motorways of the Sea objectives by inter alia: improving safety of equipment, upgrading working practices for safer operations, developing new tools with a view to achieving more efficient evacuation procedures and smart and efficient response. On the long term, PICASSO will create a more sustainable shipping industry by reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and efficiency. The project is organized in four core activities.


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