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Price and fare/timetable Information system

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Background & Policy context

PRIFIS (PRIce and Fare Information Storage) consist of a database containing the price and Tariff data for more than 40 railways. The price and fare data represented is the TCV prices (Standard International Passenger Tariff) and the Global prices.

PRIFIS is designed to allow each railway company to have rapid access to the data it needs and to operate with one single source of data, thereby doing away with the large number of multilateral exchanges.

Along similar lines to the timetable data offered by MERITS (Multiple European Railway Integrated Timetable Storage), this centrally-managed database contains, in standard format, all the fares and tariff data necessary to provide customers with comprehensive information. Data is supplied by the railways existing systems, either automatically via a web-based interface or manually using data capture software.


Create two information systems covering non reservation tickets and reservation tickets:

1. Non Reservation Tickets

Information system will provide its tariff data including price of the tickets to the railway community. As a consequence, tickets can be sold easily by other railway undertakings

2. Integrated Reservation Tickets

Information system will make available its tariff data including the terms and conditions in the railway community with the tool passport, but no access to the inventories.


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UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
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Non Reservation Tickets Information System (62 railway undertakings, 400 000 primary itineraries, 389 tariffs).

Integrated Reservation Tickets Information System (3 300 000 fares, 900 tariffs in 7 railway undertakings).

System has been extended in improved into Multiple European Railway Integrated Timetable Storage (MERITS).


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