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Procedures for Rolling Stock Procurement with Environmental Requirements

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Background & Policy context

Enhancing the environmental performance of new rolling stock is one of the ways in which the railways can be made more competitive compared to the other modes of transport. In this context UIC has set up the PROSPER project (Procedures for Rolling Stock Procurement with Environmental Requirements).


The objective of the first phase of the project is to prepare an environmental guideline for the procurement of new rolling stock. Guideline shall assist railways to integrate environmental considerations in the procurement.

The objectives of the second phase are:

- Co-ordinating agreed environmental specifications for new rolling stock amongst railways and manufacturers

- Documenting environment related legal aspects for the procurement of new rolling stock (state of the art) and

- Disseminating the results as a UIC Leaflet.

Project will create an agreed business standard in the rail sector for handling environmental aspects when procuring new rolling stock. In this respect it is the intention to combine and integrate existing knowledge into one very functional product: a UIC Leaflet — serving as a guideline for implementing environmental requirements into the procurement process.


The project will provide a documentation of environment related legal aspects and recommended target values (where feasible) for a set of harmonised environmental indicators/specifications in the four environmental key areas:

- Energy Efficiency,

- Materials/ Recycling/ Waste,

- Noise,

- Exhaust Emissions.


In a three-step process of each environmental specification it will be examined whether:

- the specification is quantifiable,

- an agreed measurement method (standard) exists and

- the procedure is usable to define a single target value or a set of good practice values


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UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
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Environmental Guideline for the Procurement of new Rolling Stock (attached).

Leaflet - Environmental Specifications for New Rolling Stock (attached).


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EU Contribution


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