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Process management tools ensuring security and functionality of crisis infrastructure with emphasis on the area of transport

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The project objective is the introduction of process management tools that increase the resilience of critical infrastructure and the efficiency of existing ability of users to ensure their functionality. Tools allow systematically, flexibly and effectively solve security functional processes of Business sector entities with an emphasis on the subjects of transport infrastructure. The system attitude to the introduction of instruments allows sector independence of their applications, ie. not only in subjects of critical infrastructure, but also the possibility of their application in public administration and in the environment of other corporate sectors. The system attitude will be based on a comprehensive conception to critical infrastructure resilience, how to ensure continuity in relation to the processes of operators, so their responsibilities consequent from the crisis and emergency planning. Tools will be implemented within the software application, the concept will be based on: - the creation of process maps (mapping application processes) - to define their properties (determination of threats, risk analysis) - the creation of materials for crisis and emergency planning - on the possibilities of continuous monitoring and verifying level threats (detection adversely affecting the function with respect to the threshold level) - on the possibilities of modelling of conditions progression (vulnerability and resilience evaluation) - on the possibilities of analysis and evaluation (identification of potential hazards = situational review, warning users due to the state of the thresholds) - on the possibilities of crisis communications. Software application based on a flexible user interface will enable a structured and systematic agenda of individual processes of the subject, including their subsequent efficient administration, monitoring and evaluation, all in relation to the requirements of crisis management of the Czech Republic.


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