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Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research

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Promo-Air is a European Project within the 7th Framework Programme aiming at undertaking actions to raise the interest of young Europeans towards scientific and technical studies in the field of Aeronautics and Air Transport. Although some efforts have been made towards this objective on a national level or by individual entities Europe-wide, up to now there has not been an initiative for a collaborative European project, aiming to stimulate young Europeans to follow an aeronautical related career. As a result, during the last years a shortage of high quality engineers in European Aeronautics has been realised and reported by the major European Industries.


Within the Promo-Air project, the consortium efforts will be focused on raising interest of teenagers in aeronautics-related studies through improving the image of an aeronautics career and stimulating their interest through the presentation of attractive educational material and hands-on experiences in Universities throughout Europe. The educational material will be assembled by taking into account the research achievements of recent and current R&D Aeronautics and Air Transport related projects. The developed educational material will include films, serious games and e-brochures. In order to achieve the objective of raising the interest of young Europeans, a solid policy will be developed, including the dissemination of the prepared material through the internet (e.g. social networks and other websites) and through Universities, while at the same time informing the aeronautical stakeholders about the major outcomes of the project.

By raising interest for aeronautics among students, the project will promote the scientific, technical studies and careers in aeronautics and air transport research and industry. With the help of Promo-Air activities including, the European Aviation Week, more students will realise how interesting careers in aeronautics and air transport are.


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Engineering careers ready for take-off

An EU-funded project brings knowledge about aeronautics to the classroom in the hope that this will inspire and motivate secondary school students to pursue a career in engineering.

The motivation to pursue a career in engineering may differ from student to student. There are some students who are drawn to the field of engineering because they have a natural curiosity about how things work. For others, it is the desire for a successful career and to bring forth new accomplishments.

A career in engineering requires a solid foundation in mathematics and science, but, today, fewer and fewer young people study these subjects. And while there is still a strong demand for engineers — despite high unemployment in the overall workforce —Europe faces an increasing shortage of technical talent.

The EU-funded project 'Promoting aeronautics innovation and research' ( (PROMO-AIR)) was initiated to raise the interest of young Europeans in scientific and technical studies. To achieve this objective, six academic and industrial partners have joined efforts to improve the image of a career in aeronautics.

Project partners are assembling educational material with the achievements of past and ongoing research and development projects. The educational material is in digital form and includes videos, games and e-brochures distributed through the project website and social networks.

A different way to encourage and support young men and women to pursue studies in aeronautics and aviation is through early hands-on experiences that complement and extend the classroom curriculum. Students are offered the opportunity to visit universities where aeronautics-related research is carried out.

PROMO-AIR also organises the European Aeronautics Science Week (EASW), during which universities and research institutes from 28 EU countries will be open to young students. The event is scheduled for the second half of March 2015 and aims to showcase partnerships that benefit innovation in the aeronautics industry.

These open days will let young Europeans get a glimpse of what it is like to be a student pursuing an engineering degree. A challenging game competition will also offer a number of visitors a ticket to visit the Airbus assembly line in Toulouse, France, where engineers will explain technical concepts in a way the visitors will be able to understand.

The aeronautics community is large and needs all types of individual skills to help it fulfil its mission. For PROMO-AIR partners, the key to helping students realise that there is a place for them regardless of their current math and science abilities is to introduce them to different career paths within the industry.


Lead Organisation
Panepistimio Patron
University Campus- Rio, 26500 Patras, Greece
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€107 000
Partner Organisations
Slot Consulting Kereskedelmi, Szolgaltato, Tanacsado Kft
BUDAPEST, DUGONICS UTCA 9-11, 1181, Hungary
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€98 012
Eurofast Sarl
Rue Des Volontaires 7, 75015 Paris, France
EU Contribution
€70 937
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€89 377
Easn Technology Innovation Services Bvba
Terweidenstraat 28, 3440 Budingen, Belgium
EU Contribution
€86 670
Blusky Services Zerkowitz Gcv
Sint Stefaansstraat 60, 1932 Sint Stevens Woluwe, Belgium
EU Contribution
€98 440


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