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Public transport in the future

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Background & Policy context

The project has studied how to increase travelling by public transport and the costs within. The results from the project aim to help the public transport authority and other participants to make strategies and concrete measures to achieve an increased amount of travel by public transport.


This project studies the possibility of increasing the conditions to develop more attractive public transport and contribute to sustainable growth, better accessibility and increased traffic safety.


The study contains a survey of realised measures, the effects and the costs from it. A starting point was a survey of the development of trips. Interviews were done with experts from the public transport authority about the connection between travelling, effects and costs. A time-series analysis of different measures and models of cost-efficiency was realised in some parts of Sweden (West-Sweden and Skåne).


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VINNOVA - Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems
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Public (national/regional/local)


This project aimed to answer the question about how to increase travel by public transport. The study points out the following areas that could have a positive impact on the subject.

- Cost-efficient with differentiated rates and marketing;

- Comfort and safety could have a big effect;

- Changes in the route network are efficient.

Policy implications

Based on the results from the project, the following is recommended:

1. Give priority to both frequent passengers and infrequent passengers;

2. Simplify the public transport;

3. Make the route network more efficient;

4. Differentiated fare rates and adjusted levels;

5. More efforts in marketing;

6. Learn from others through evaluation;

7. Make standards for evaluation and follow-up;

8. Support investments in new technology.


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