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Quality assurance for transport model calculations

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SVI 2015/001
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Background & Policy context

Transport models are an important tool for transport modelling. Since they are the base for cost-intensive investments, the requirements regarding their quality are high. So far, however, there are no Swiss guidelines and criteria that allow model owners and users to assess the quality of a transport model.


The goal of this project is to provide model owners, such as municipal, cantonal and federal road and transport authorities, with a set of guidelines and standards that allow them to formalise the requirements for the model in the call for proposals and to assess the quality of the finished model and the resulting model calculations with regards to these requirements.


In this project, a system of criteria and methods for the validation of travel demand models and the resulting model calculations will be developed. The following questions will be answered:
• Which methods and criteria for the evaluation of travel demand models, model calculations and forecasts have proven to be of value in practice?
• Which factors influence the quality of a travel demand model?
• Which benchmarks have been established in practice for these factors?
• Which requirements are applicable to a travel demand model and which level of quality can be expected by a user of the model results?
• How can travel demand models, model calculations and forecasts be validated sufficiently and with justifiable time and effort?
• What elements are mandatory in the documentation of a travel demand model?
• How can these insights be applied in practice?

The work programme consists of three phases:

1. the quality criteria are established

2. the methods for the quality management of travel demand models are derived

3. the applicability of these models is tested by means of real world applications and by consulting external experts


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Association of Transportation Engineers
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