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Readiness assessment for autonomous vehicles in Iceland

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Background & Policy context

The introduction of self- driving cars is becoming a predictable evolution of the transport world. The question is whether the Icelandic road network is prepared for the evolution. The project aims to scrutinize the factors of the environment and the infrastructure that self-driving cars rely on for navigation and control. The questions the project will answer are which factors are important and are they present in Iceland. 


In the first instance the project will establish the factors required for self-driving cars to navigate and drive independently and the extent to which these factors are present in Iceland.

The objectives are to review the existing technologies from the companies that have been active in this field such as Google, Audi, Mercedes Benz, GM, Volvo and more.

The project will find out the factors and conditions that should or need to be present the extent to which they can be found in the Icelandic road and technological environment and to assess the extent of the benefits of self-driving cars to Icelandic roads and technological environment.

The project will then identify the extent to which such vehicles and facilities have been tested with weather conditions that can be found in Iceland.

The goal is then to point out the factors that are required for development in the technology so it is possible to use self-driving cars in Iceland.


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The key finding was that the Icelandic regulations will need to be followed and monitored to ensure compliance. It was also stated that the weather conditions in Iceland can affect the possibilities of autonomous driving. We must follow the technological development and try to adjust our infrastructure in accordance to its needs. The Volvo test drive in Gothenburg could provide informative results.


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