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Recommendation for the laying of underground lines (ASTRA1999/146)

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Background & Policy context

The SIA 205 recommendation deals with those aspects of the construction and maintenance of underground lines that are of general importance. The disposition of the lines in the road space and the general interaction of the road and the lines stand in the foreground.

The SIA 205 recommendation was last revised in 1984. In the meantime, significant developments have taken place in many areas. These are largely documented. More recent studies with areas of intersection to the SIA 205 recommendation are not known.


The SIA 205 recommendation for the laying of underground lines is one of the best-known technical standards in road and line construction with an extraordinarily large group of addressees. This revision has the goal of updating the information in the area of intersection of roads and underground lines. 


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The main tasks of the recommendation are summarised in the following:

  • Basic principles for coordinating the implementation of road and utility line construction 
  • A standard planning assistance for the road administrations, the utility and cable network operators and engineering offices active in the construction of roads and lines 
  • The supply of information regarding standard safety aspects in the area of intersection of utility lines / roads / bridges / line tunnels.

Innovation aspects

Revision and actualisation of SIA 205 recommendation.


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