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Reconstruction of Road E77 (Riga–Šiauliai–Tauragė–Kaliningrad) of the Transeuropean Road Network

Reconstruction of Road E77 (Riga–Šiauliai–Tauragė–Kaliningrad) of the Transeuropean Road Network

Background & policy context: 

The project is financed from the European Union Structural Assistance funds 2007–2013 according to the Economic Growth Action Plan Priority 5 Development of Trans-European Transport Networks instrument VP2-5.1-SM-01-V Enhancement of the Permeability of Trans-European Road Infrastructure. Improvement of Technical Parameters.
IA Transport Corridor (road E77 (A12) Riga–Šiauliai–Tauragė–Kaliningrad) is an important connection in the Lithuanian and TEN-T road infrastructure. This road connects Riga (the capital of Latvia) with Gdansk (Poland) through Kaliningrad area in the direction of north-south. Despite of visa regime, which was established between Lithuania and Kaliningrad region, on 1 July 2003, the relationships in the field of tourism and trade are being developed. Thus it is very important to reconstruct the road for safer and more comfortable transit traffic on IA Transport Corridor. It is necessary to widen the road, to strengthen road pavement and to implement road safety measures.


The goal of the project is to reconstruct the road sections which do not meet the requirements set for transport corridors as well as to ensure safe and comfortable traffic conditions conforming to the level of traffic volumes, the road significance and international standards.
When the Project works are completed, the following benefits will be achieved:
– Improved image of Lithuania as a transit country
– Improved traffic conditions, especially for vehicles travelling from Latvia to Poland and other European countries
– Reduced negative environmental impact
– Reduced accident rate
– Width of road pavement conforming to the technical requirements
– Strengthened road pavement construction from 10 to 11.5 tonnes axle loading
– Slower pavement degradation and longer pavement service life
– Lower costs of road repair and routine maintenance
– Reduced vehicle operating costs
– Reduced travelling time.


The following works will be completed under this project:
– Reconstruction of the existing road – km 7.8
– Reconstruction of 2 intersections
– Construction of pedestrian and cycling paths – km 7.71
– Construction of road illumination – km 1.5.

Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of Transport and Communication
PLC Kauno tiltai
Ateities road 46
Contact country:
+370 37 473 935
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+370 37 473 787