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Recycling of stone mastic asphalts and development of special celullose fibres for this type of asphalt mixtures

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The goal of the project is to work out an inovative technology of asphalt mixture recycling of flexible pavements for newly manufactured stone mastic asphalt mixtures. This type of mixture is used as wearing course of the most trafficked flexible pavements on the road network in the Czech Republic. Considering the prepared changes of the national annex of the standard ČSN EN 13108-1 Asphalt concrete, there will be increase in the use of this type of asphalt mixtures for the highest classes of traffic, as it will not be allowed to use the asphalt concrete mixtures for these classes. It is supposed, that there will be used special chemical additives (rejuvenators) for this type of mixture, with the goal to maximise the adding of RAP into the newly manufactured mixtures. In parallel there will be developed in the frame of the project a special type of celullose fibres, which serve as the binder holder (an additive which prevents the the running off of the binder). This fibre will be specially used for this type of mixtures with the use of RAP and rejuvenators. It is assumed, that the newly developed mixtures of SMA (Stone Mastix Asphalt) will have the same parameters as the traditionally ones (designed from virgin aggregate) from the point of view of quality. There will be evaluated also the point of view of ecological compatibillity, i.e. the recyclability, reduction of energetical difficulty and prolongation of the road construction lifetime. After the laboratory evaluation of the parametres and the evaluation of the test section, it will be carried out the change of standards in that way, to enable usage of RAP also for the SMA mixtures, what is not allowed at the moment. The prepared project follows the project TA02030549 'Maximal effective use of recycled pavement layers for the production of new asphalt mixtures' which concentrates only on the asphalt concrete mixtures.


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