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Regional ECO Mobility 2030

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STRIA Roadmaps
Connected and automated transport (CAT)
Transport electrification (ELT)
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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Transport policies
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Passenger transport,
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Active mobility


Background & Policy context

The Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster REM 2030 deals with the development and evaluation of integrated concepts for efficient regional mobility of individuals based on integrated system approaches.


Project objectives can be described as follows:

  • Development of new electric micro vehicles with zero or low emissions: e-bikes; micro-vehicles; city cars
  • Integration in new traffic concepts and uses
  • Energy-efficient use and integration in the energy sector
  • Design of driver assistance systems and mobility assistance
  • Integration of the developed solutions in vehicle platforms to test and publish them  

Pooling the expertise of the participating research institutions (in the Innovation Cluster) makes it possible to design a systematic plan of integrated regional mobility for individuals that is able to address the interdependencies of the core topics:

  • Vehicle concept (Hardware)
  • Information and communications technologies (ICT) (Software)
  • Mobility schemes, infrastructure, customer acceptance and business models (Orgware).

New forms of mobility characterised by inter- and multi-modality and sharing schemes are becoming more and more important here.

This scheme is supplemented by a mobility academy, a REM 2030 further training and education programme specifically generated towards the topic of regional, eco-friendly mobility. 


Funding Source
Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing Baden-Wuerttemberg


The essential work packages within the core topic of hardware arises from the development of an own REM 2030 driving cycle, which serves as the basis for a REM 2030 vehicle load staple, via the development and adaptation of drive components such as an electric motor and gearbox, battery or range extender.

As a final goal of the core issue, the development of a technology carrier in the form of a roll able vehicle was defined and implemented in hardware. Within this technology, the individual technologies developed within the framework of the project have been interconnected into a functional system.

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