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Regional integrated agro/logistic system

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The purpose of the project is to set up a regional integrated system which will enable the balanced development of the wholesale markets of the two partner cities, in order to increase competitiveness of the two areas.

The specific objectives are to create a regional integrated logistics system, encourage the local producers by developing the basic infrastructure for exchange of agriculture products and improve the access conditions and carry on the activities for exchange of the agriculture products.

The project will lead to an increase of the products exchange between the two sides of the romanian-hugarian border with durable economic and social effects. The target groups are big agriculture producers and groups of small producers of Timis and Csongrád counties, as well as companies of the two areas, which will benefit from continuous supply of agriculture products and less fluctuant prices.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Implementation of the integrated wholesale information system and website for the two markets.
  • Basic infrastructure development activities (685.83 sqm market hall construction - Timisoara wholesale market, and 7888 sqm concrete coated parking asphaltation - Szeged wholesale market).
  • Development of access security and monitoring system for the two markets.

Main results of the project: -

  • 250 companies which will use the new business infrastructure.
  • 200 enterprises involved in cross-border cooperation.
  • 10% increase of the cross-border business cooperation.
  • Development of an integrated real-time trade system for vegetables wholesales.
  • Development of basic infrastructure for collection, purchasing and logistic of products.
  • Accomplishment of a modern and more efficient security access and monitorisation system and of an operational informational system within the capacities of the two wholesale markets.
  • Reducement of garbage within the Timișoara wholesale market with the help of two presocontainers.


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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EU Contribution


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