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Reinstating of tunnels - technology, materials and methodology

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The project concentrates on two basic areas: 1. preparation of the groundwork for the standardisation of the rehabilitation of (particularly) tunnels made of stone masonry and 2. development of new rehabilitation compounds suitable for rejoining of the stone masonry in the tunnels brickworks (and similar structures)- possibilities of strengthening of such structures while using additional layers with composite reinforcement. ad 1: New knowledge in the field of diagnostics, survey and testing gained during the solution of the project will be published as technical recommendations for rehabilitations. They will be offered to the Ministry of Transport and the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic to serve as standards to make rehabilitation works of the road structures more efficient. With methodology and working procedures together they will make for coherent groundwork for preparation, design and realisation of the rehabilitation works in tunnels. It will be designated for investors, designers as well as contractors. Main usage is presumed for railway tunnels (their numbers, structural systems and age are dominant in the Czech Republic). With time the problem will grow wider and it will be suitable for road tunnels and other underground structures as well (such as collectors, sewerage, feeders and waste tunnels of hydraulic power plants). ad 2: The aim is to create specific compounds suitable for different requirements for rejointing compounds determined by base materials (type of stone) and location of the structure (influences of surrounding environment – aggression of underground water, traffic in the tunnel, current impulses).


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